It started with a photo … 

Sometimes you want something so much that your life just stops while you figure out how to get it. This website is that moment for me.

Here is the photo … a head full of hair.

Gorgeous hair …. Black girl hair … Not White girl, Asian girl, Latina girl, or Indian girl hair … but BLACK GIRL HAIR.  You know it when you see it. Sometimes it is so stunning that it can make you cry. I have found myself even questioning my Creator … asking why not me? Why can’t I have that head of hair?

Why do I covet this young woman’s hair? Why do I want it to grow out of MY head? I do not know … I JUST DO !!

The heart wants what the heart wants. Black women want voluminous, luxurious, maintenance free hair, despite the political correctness – just like every other woman on this planet.

Hair has been a metric of beauty since the beginning of time. We cannot escape it. Culture will not allow us to redefine it. It is what it is.

There is an entire industry focused upon Black women’s hair. We are sold synthetic hair, human hair, and chemical products. The industry is based upon Black women affixing these products to our heads. Some women get a short-lived sense of satisfaction. Some do not. The time and cost involved is significant. The economics of African hair is simply stunning.

I will not have it.

If I cannot grow it, I do not want it.

I am not disparaging those who wear weaves and perms. I am merely stating MY heart’s desire.

Now this is where my arrogance steps in … I believe that SCIENCE will give me what I want. NOT COSMETICS … but SCIENCE!

I know that science can be magical if you are willing to invest the time. Scientists have grown human ears on the backs of rats. I have seen it. They have slayed sickle cell, although in small numbers. They have designed a vaccine to hold a virus at bay in just months.

I know, given time, I can figure out kink, shrink, and breakage.

How am I going to do it?

I am going to assemble an ARMY of CITIZEN SCIENTISTS. We will suit-up by building our own knowledgebase. Together, we will forge a path that will slay kink, shrink, and breakage.

This website will be our training ground, our collaboration platform. Every army has a bootcamp. This is it for us. will be our bootcamp. Here is where we will train our soldiers. We will grow our knowledgebase. We will inspire and support each other.


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